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What is Chakradance?

Feel like your mind never gets a rest!  The Chakradance™ classes I offer can give you a break.  What is CHAKRADANCE™?

The chakras are a series of 7 energy centres in the body, each having a specific relationship with the development of our lives, based on Eastern energy system concepts.  Chakradance™ is a series of 9 classes that are what I would term more of a meditation with movement, where we move as little or as much as we want.  Each chakra has its own vibration and the music is specially chosen to resonate with each of the 7 chakras.  The classes are broken down into 1 for the introductory class and 1 at the end for integration with the 7 in the middle focusing on 1 of each of the chakras each week.

Most of us lead busy lives and get caught up in the world of our thoughts.  Any meditation is aimed at getting us out of that world of repetitive and conditioned thoughts, and to do that there is an expectation that we will sit or lie still and usually do something like focus on our breathing. 

Chakradance™ however is using the focus on movement and a particular chakra to allow us to come out of our heads for a while.  This allows a freeing up of blocked energy, a deepened connection to your true, authentic self & open you to a deeper experience of life.  Chakradance™ aims to restore health to our chakras which are the gateways to integrating mind, body & spirit.

As the facilitator I give a short explanation of the chakra, to give a sense of how that energy affects us each day.  And where it is in the body to encourage that direction inward to the particular energy centre we are ‘feeling into’ for that session.

As an added bonus we also experience a creative exercise based on a mandala so that we can reflect on and express our experiences in the dance.  Creating the mandala is an intuitive and spontaneous process, so we encourage participants to try not to analyse what is happening, and just allow the process to unfold in its own spontaneous way.

Most participants find it a powerful experience, so if it sounds like something you would like to try, I am starting a new series here in Dunedin in February.  I am holding 2 separate classes, one on Mondays at 1pm starting on Feb 17th and one on Wednesdays at 5.30pm starting on Feb 19th.    If you would like to join me and those who have already registered, or if you are interested but can’t come at this time, please make contact as I will be running more classes at a time that may suit you better. 

Contact me (Robyn) on Ph:   03 456 2246 or   cell:   021 281 6438. 

Or you may wish to indicate your interest in attending by emailing me on:

Do The Impossible

“You must do the things you think you cannot do.”  Unknown

Are you aware of how many times a day you have an internal dialogue that tells you can’t do something, that it’s not the right time, that you’re not good enough, that…the list goes on?  Mostly this is because we have been conditioned some time in our past to believe these lies we are telling ourselves day in and day out.  Often a jangle of anxiety comes up as a representation of the fear we are feeling about tackling this new activity.  Especially if we have tried something like that in the past and we have made a mistake, or messed up in some way.

But how about if we were to use this very thing we are nervous about doing, as a ‘wake up call.’  To look at this old story and say no to that part of you that is continuing to repeat the excuses.  It’s time to see how those old stories and excuses have got you nowhere (or at least not where you want to be).  They are blocking you from living a more purposeful & fulfilling life.  Claim your greatness and your potential today by doing what you have been thinking is impossible.

Enjoy doing what you think you cannot do!

Love Yourself Good and Bad

“When you are strong enough to love yourself 100%, good and bad – you will be amazed at the opportunities that life presents you.”   Stacey Charter

The emphasis here is ‘good and bad.’  So what is bad to you?  I bet there would be a lot of differences in your definition and mine because we have had different upbringings with families and cultures that place different emphasis on different behaviours, and this can also be affected as to whether you are male or female.  What if you came into the world believing that all behaviours are acceptable, as I’m sure we all do?  And we had no one telling us that to be loved we had to be sweet and pleasant all the time and show no anger or other behaviours that were deemed ‘negative?’

The trouble is, as we grow up and leave the nest we take on the judgements of our parents and society and continue condemning ourselves daily for something we have done or haven’t done that is not acceptable.  Each time we do this it is just like someone else criticising us and it hurts just as much.  It affects the love we feel for ourselves and some of us can be pretty cutting at times!  We are often more lenient with others than ourselves.  So how much better do you think you would feel if you were able to turn around those cutting, destructive comments to yourself, and replace them with encouraging comments, how much more empowered you could feel?  Remember we all have the potential to display every emotion and they are all just energy in motion!

Enjoy letting go of the self-judgements!   Robyn

Life’s Journey

“Everyone who has got where he is, has had to begin where he was.”

I think this is really important to remember when we set our lofty goals at the beginning of a new year.  I was on a coaching call last week where the coach was reminding us about filling the jar with rocks analogy.  When you think it’s full you still have room for the stones and then again more room left for the sand to fill up the gaps.  If we can imagine that some of those grains of sand also make up a rock.  Although it might look a lot more exciting to be following the big stars, we need to chip away with the little things that eventually make up the big stone.

However if we only do the little things that don’t actually make up the big rock we may never reach our goal.  So like everything in life it is a matter of getting balance.  To do some of the exciting and also some of the more mundane.  And if we think of where we are today and fill our jar (life) with some of the rocks, the stones and the sand we should hopefully be nearer to where we want to be by the end of the year.  Make no mistake.  If we live for 365 days we will still arrive at the end of the year.

Enjoy chipping away at what you know you need and want to do!   Robyn


Let Go of ALL Excuses

“Prepare to let go of ALL your useless excuses for why you can’t do something, and instead FIND A WAY TO DO IT” Jonathan Budd

Welcome to 2014!  So how many of you made one or two New Year’s resolutions?   Have some of them been broken already?  It only took to the end of the first day for me to have broken one of mine.  I do recognise that it is a learned behaviour that I am probably going to have to work at for some time before that habit is broken.  However there are resolutions that you may have made that relate more to goals or achievements that you want to reach before 2014 ends.  Are they goals that you have made other years?  What is it that is stopping you reach the goal?  Excuses are just reasons to stay stuck and not develop a new belief or behaviour that you know will serve you.  Do you really think your excuses are going to go away on their own? 

I mentioned my learned behaviour.  I could use that as an excuse and continue to move in the direction I have always gone or I can use my will power to change the habits of a lifetime, just like a smoker or alcoholic has to do, if they want to give up a habit that is ruining their health.  Other people around us can be used as a mirror, to reflect back the beliefs and behaviours in ourselves that we have not been willing to look at in the past.  If we find a behaviour that they have, and it  pushes our buttons, then that may be an indication of where to turn our attention inward.  Maybe you have decided, ‘enough is enough.’  This is the year I’m going to take a serious look at what it is that is holding me back.  The solution for the new results is always there but you must expect that solution or answer.  If you are having difficulty seeing the changes you need to make on your own, then it may be time to invest in yourself, and start the year off with a session or two with a coach who can help you turn the corner.  Remember we don’t have to wait for 2015 to emerge to make new resolutions, we can commit to the ones we have just made every day.

Enjoy finding a way to achieve your goals – not just set them!   Robyn