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Change the Record

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”  Anon

When I was first consciously going along my personal development pathway, I had a coach who told a story of herself as a teenager getting pregnant, and 6 months after the baby was born she was very ill, needing surgery to remove a diseased kidney.  A nun came into the room to offer a prayer before her surgery the next day.  She said, “You know everything is created twice, once in the mind and then again physically.  I know you love your little boy and I believe there is a connection between all the toxic thoughts you have been having around the shame of your pregnancy and the toxicity of your kidneys.”  This was in the 1960s when all the knowledge we have about the mind wasn’t common and there weren’t loads of self-help books on the bookshelves as there are today.

The nun’s conversation started my coach on her path of enquiry about the power of the mind, because there was a thought from the doctors that she may not survive, but she did.  I have talked in the past about the steps of the conscious mind having a thought, the first creation, the subconscious getting emotionally involved, an action taking place and then finally the result, the physical creation.  If we are unable to change that creative thought we will be unable to change the physical creation.

Enjoy choosing to change the thoughts that are not creating the results you want!

Who do you Think you Are?

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”   Alexandra K Trenfor

As I said last week a big part of my job is to help people gain a new perspective on their lives.  It can be very tempting to give others advice, to tell them what they should do when you think they need some help.  Even if they come to you expecting advice the best thing we can do for them is to use our ‘active listening skills.’  This involves being present, showing them you are listening with the odd gesture or sound that is appropriate and getting clarification about what you think you have heard.  Never assume that what you have heard means the same to the other person as it does to you.

The authentic part of us has all the answers to our lives and the same for the person in front of us telling us their story.  I have spent a lot of my life looking ‘up’ to others for advice and guidance and not giving enough credence to the information from within.  I have had people in my life who have been active and passive teachers and I have learnt a lot, as we all do along the way.  I have also had some key ‘coaches’ who have drawn out from me, my own answers for whatever I’m facing up to in life at the time.  This is the difference I believe between a teacher and a coach.  None of us knows the path of anyone else so asking questions to draw their own answers out from within will be more empowering at the end of the day.

Enjoy searching for your own answers!   Robyn

It’s All in the Perception


“Every single failure has an equally great upside if you are willing to stay in the game.”  Barbara Corcoran

Most of us understand that there is a law of gravity that always behaves the same way.  Although we may not know exactly how electricity works, we know that there are laws this energy follows, that allow electricians to know with confidence, that it is always going to behave in the same way.  What most of us haven’t been taught, are some of the other natural laws of the universe.  In the last 10 years or so we have had the Law of Attraction brought to our attention.

The law that this quote follows is the Law of Polarity.  It states that, “there are always 2 sides to everything.”  You can’t have an up without a down or an in without an out.  The word we usually use to describe this state is perception, which is one of our intellectual factors.  We all have the ability to look at our situation from another point of view if we wish to.  This is one of the ways that my coaching helps, to guide someone to see how they can change their perception, which is going to be more supportive of the life they want to live.

Enjoy looking at life from both sides!   Robyn

Trust Yourself

“Trust in yourself.  Your perceptions are often far more accurate than you are willing to believe.  Claudia Black

Ever had a thought about something but because you had doubts or second guessed yourself, you decided to ask someone else for their opinion?  They then squashed your idea & you either stuck with the status quo or went with their idea.  But when you looked back with the benefit of hindsight you realised you really should have gone with your own intuition.

Following on from last week’s thoughts on the authentic part of us that is our guiding light.  This is the knowing that we all have that gives us a nudge from time to time, telling us what to do & when to do it.  Some people talk of it as gut instinct & they will back themselves to follow these ‘feelings’ that they trust. To gain confidence in your own instincts, ask the people you get information about if it is true & you can start to get an idea when your ‘messages’ are true or not.  You may find ‘your perceptions are more accurate than you are willing to believe.’

Enjoy trusting in yourself!    Robyn