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Do You Listen to Your Intuition?

“Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.”  Florence Scovel Shinn

Intuition is one of the 6 intellectual faculties that we all have.  Unfortunately a lot of us believe that only psychics have this power & others don’t believe at all.  On the other side of the coin we have people like Donald Trump or Richard Branson who use their ‘gut instincts’ all the time to make big business decisions.  They don’t have to trust these instincts, but they do because they have been proven time & again to have been the right thing for them to do at that time.  They don’t get hung up on understanding how or why they know.  They just trust.

Use another of your intellectual faculties.  Imagine that it is a beautiful day & for some unexplained reason you get ‘the feeling’ that you should take an umbrella.  You leave the umbrella at home, as you use your conscious mind to reason, that the forecast has said it is going to be a beautiful day and that’s exactly how it looks to you.  That intuitive nudge gets overridden, only to find several hours later, that you have been trapped by a downpour wishing you had listened to that little voice inside your head.  We can exercise this faculty like Richard Branson – just humour that instinct to take the umbrella – what have you got to lose if it doesn’t rain!  As you practice and acknowledge your own intuition more often, it will start to feel stronger and help you to make bigger and better decisions.

Enjoy using your intuition!

How Close Are You to the Edge?

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”  T S Elliot

Does this quote strike a chord?  When I typed this into the document ready to put in my two pence worth, I thought “the quote says it all.”  How many times have I or you pushed the boundaries, living on the edge of the known & unknown?  How many times have you chosen to step out to find the new boundary and how far out has that gone?  A new year is not far away, a common time to choose a new way of doing things.  Have you any thoughts lurking in the back of your mind of how you want to make things different for 2015?

Sometimes we can feel stuck when we don’t push the boundary, we may feel an anxiousness or a general sense of unease (disease).  Stepping into something our inner knowing is calling us to do, can be healing.  In our physical world, if we have a skin wound, the healing takes place at the edge.   What wound can you start to heal by working on the edge?  I have heard a quote that says, “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space!”  Are you on the edge or stuck in the middle?

Enjoy testing those boundaries.  I’m sure you did as a child!

Elmo Says, “You’re So Silly.”

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.”  Dr Seuss

Even if you don’t actually laugh at the rhymes of Dr Seuss it’s hard not to feel that lightness in our energy as we follow along with his quirky sense of humour.  I recently had to produce a ‘Tall Tale,’ for toastmasters and I realised how serious I must be.  I found it quite difficult to tell lies as I saw it.  I agreed to be involved because I believed it would be good for me.  Often we can open up to the ‘fun’ side of ourselves when we interact with children.  I wonder why we don’t do that with adults.  I read once that 4 year old children laugh 400 times a day whereas we adults can only crack out 15 times a day. Why is this I wonder!

Too busy, must do this or that before we can relax at lunchtime, after work, the weekend.  You get the picture.  Life has to be serious, we have to worry our way through life, don’t we?  I mean what would happen in the future if we didn’t worry about what might happen and therefore hopefully avert whatever it is. Do you feel you would be judged as an airhead or something similar if you were to bring lightness to your day – and everyone else’s around you I might add?  Just think what it would do to our energy and therefore our physiology if we were to bring some lightness to our current situation.  Imagine what ideas might come to light to solve your present problems if your brain’s cells got woken up with some fun and nonsense!

Enjoy walking on the light side.

A New Day Always Dawns

“Failure is often that early morning hour of darkness that precedes the dawning of the day of success.”  Author unknown

Have any of you read the book, “Think and Grow Rich?” In it, the author Napoleon Hill talks about faith as being the antedote to failure, and that persistence creates faith.  Faith is a knowing or a certainty that you are going to achieve what you have as your goal.  The act of writing down our goals, signals to the universe that you are serious about your plans and that you have what Hill calls ‘Definiteness of Purpose.’  In other words, our, ‘WHY.’

Our thoughts and the statement written down, is like planting a seed into the universe.  Unfortunately we have been told a lot about the Law of Attraction but not about the rest of the natural laws.  One of these is the ‘Law of Gender.’  This means that like the length of time a baby is in the womb, there is a time that the universe needs for the thought seed to germinate and grow, until the goal is manifested.  We are very close to the end of the year.  Now could be a time to think of what you would like to achieve in 2015 & write it down.  Of course you will have to take some action as well.  And remember another quote, “Faith is the sound that the song bird makes before the dawn.”

Enjoy persisting until the dawn of success!