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What Life are You Choosing

“I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become.”  Anon

As we approach a new year we often use this time as a catalyst to look forward.  There are 2 types of people in the world, those who believe that they have nothing to do with what happens to them throughout life and can be labelled as victims, and the others, who believe in the Law of Attraction and take responsibility for everything that happens to them.  Of course if you are in the latter group you need to recognise that the doubts and limiting thoughts going on in your head on a daily basis, are also influencing the outcomes of your life. The Law of Attraction is as much about the feeling as the thoughts, because along with the thought comes an emotion or feeling, which is felt as a vibration which goes out into the universe.

Noticing when those limiting thoughts surface is a great time to do something about them.  We can choose the pain that is associated with that thought or we can choose the pleasure that comes from associating with the outcome we desire.  Think of a moment in your life when there was a feeling of pure joy and happiness.  Go on do that right now!  Try to hold it without letting your mind take you off to any other thought.  How long did you manage that for?  ‘Jumping monkeys,’ is what the Buddhists call our minds.  Choosing to notice as much as you can when the limiting thoughts surface, is the start to being able to replace those thoughts with one associated with pleasure.  It is only then that your vibration can really move you towards your chosen desires.

Enjoy choosing what you want to become!

Thanks For Reading my Thoughts Each Week

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”  Anon

I thought this could be appropriate for this time of year when I saw the word present.  However it really isn’t anything about presents as such at all is it.  At this time of the year though we all get a bit frazzled with the word Xmas for some reason and it can be easy to forget to be grateful for the people who have done something for us from their frazzled state.  Being grateful however is not just for those people, but also for our world in general, the universe or whatever it is you believe is responsible for making life ok.

I had learnt this a while back and I got into the habit of saying thank you to the universe when something happened that could potentially have been a disaster but I was still safe.  Or sometimes I remember to say thank you for getting me home in one piece or my family all turn up in one piece.  It was then pointed out to me that as a co-creator of my universe maybe I should also be thinking of turning those thanks inwards, maybe I’ve listened to my intuition and kept myself safe that way.  Whatever or whoever is responsible for your health and good food, your home, your family, remember that giving thanks will improve the physiology of both the giver and receiver. If you remember to express true thanks to those giving you gifts or going the extra mile for you this Xmas, you will be taking steps to improve your own health!

Enjoy improving your health!

Are You Living Your Purpose?

“Knowing your purpose can dramatically enhance your experience in life. Purpose driven people experience more fulfilment, more success and often greater rewards than other people.  Paradoxically, people who set out to live their purpose often make more money than people who set out to make money.  Timothy Kelly

Wow, I have just spent most of this year working on one of Tim’s courses and my inner work has been encouraged to expand the horizons I had had seen until 2014. This has opened up a new awareness of myself, and further clarity around my purpose, pointing me in a slightly different direction – just a few degrees.  It is like leaving school with a level of knowing about the subjects you have done, and then reaching a whole new level when you go on to some tertiary study.

We may have an umbrella idea of a dream or desire of something we want to do with our lives and if we keep focused on that, we may take what can look like a zig zag path to get there, rather than the straight line we had expected.  It may be that you need to learn some new skills along the way, or the subconscious blocks causing you to procrastinate have slowed you down as you deal with them and open yourself up to new beliefs.  My commitment to helping as many people as I can, to lead a more fulfilling life than they are currently, hasn’t changed.  It has been strengthened by the clarity I am now bringing to myself and my clients.  It has been an exciting process.

Enjoy living Your Purpose!

Let Your Light Shine!

“Evil (ignorance)is like a shadow; it has no real substance of its own, it is simply a lack of light.  You cannot cause a shadow to disappear by trying to fight it, stamp on it, by railing against it, or any other form of emotional or physical resistance. In order to cause a shadow to disappear, you must shine light on it.”  Shakti Gawain

So often we know something happens but we don’t know enough about science or the natural laws to understand how that something happens.  For example we know electricity works but most of us don’t know exactly how.  The underlying understanding behind this quote is about the different speed of vibration of everything in the universe.  The slower the vibration the more dense or dark the object is.  A faster energy always supersedes a slower energy.

The emotions that we consider to be ‘negative’ have a slower energy than the ‘positive’ ones.  Slower energy could be fear! There can be what I would call real fears – stepping out in front of a moving car, which is something we need to pay attention to.  But some of the fears we have whirling around in our heads that create a lower energy, are based on the ‘what if’ fiction.  Recognising that fear can start because of an ‘ignorance,’ can help us to move into a ‘Polyanna’ energy, that give us a whole new perspective.  This in turn can attract more positive experiences.  In other words it shines light on the darkness of the fears.

Enjoy shining your light out into the world!

One Less New Year’s Resolution!

“We must acknowledge that there can be no hope of gratifying the senses permanently.  At best, the happiness we derive from eating a good meal can only last until the next time we are hungry.”  His Holiness the Dalai Lama

As we head into the season of eating and drinking too much – well a lot of us – it would do us good to remember that it can be hard to resist the ‘forbidden apple.’  The problem is they aren’t always forbidden exactly, it’s more about making the decision to show some discipline and be sensible.  But who wants to be sensible when you’re having a good time?  And who can resist the temptations when we’re tired and that extra glass of alcohol gives us the much needed boost to keep going?

Unfortunately we often end up feeling worse as we wake the next day with regrets about having blown our diet or savings budget.  Often it’s just a habit that can be broken, especially if you create a pact with a friend to support one another through this time.  Habits can be good and bad.  How about creating some better habits with the help of a mate!  Wouldn’t it be better if you could head into the New Year knowing you haven’t indulged the whim of over eating or drinking?  That would be one less New Year’s Resolution you would have to try and stick to!

Enjoy yourself this festive season without purely ‘gratifying the senses!’