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Remind Yourself How Special You Are!

“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and NEVER GIVE UP!”  Anon

Wow does this resonate with me.  There was a time, luckily a few years ago now, when this was very difficult.  I must have had remnants of self-worth that got me out of bed eventually.  I sought help and now that is history as they say.  But we can all have those mornings when it would be easy to stay in bed and live our lives by default, as I was talking about last week, instead of getting up and living by design.  Taking one step forward no matter how small.

I still feel gratitude for a shower first thing in the morning as the hot water splashes over my body.  Gratitude as you’ve heard from me before, is an amazing energy that is a great pick me up.  If things don’t seem to be going that well it may be difficult to find something to be grateful for, but believe me it is worth finding even the smallest thing to help lift the energy.  It may not be easy, but you have to know you are worth it.  These days I have 2 photos in front of me. One is of my grandchildren who bring a smile to my face just looking at them.  The other is of me as a 2 year old and she is so cute.  I owe it to these 3 people, to help others in the world know how special they are.

Enjoy feeling how special you are, you won’t want to give up!

Do You Live Your Life By Design?

“The number one reason most people don’t get what they want, is that they don’t know what they want. Clarity is power.”  T Harv Eker

T Harv Eker is a writer & motivational speaker in the area of business and money.  From the numbers who ‘follow’ him, I would judge him to be successful in getting what he wants in this realm of his life.  This may not be something that motivates you, but we all have to have something motivating us to think about, become emotionally attached to and act upon if we are to get the results we want in life.  As long as we are alive, we all have 365 days each year.  Some will design or create the life they desire, while others will not.  Which group do you see yourself in?

Sometimes it takes something that life has thrown at us to realise that life isn’t a dress rehearsal as they say.  That near death accident, a major illness, being made redundant are examples of events that give us clarity about how we want our lives to look.  But why wait for those life changing events.  Grab a piece of paper, write down the 7 headings : relationships, home, job, income, lifestyle, service to others, health.  Now give yourself time to feel into what would be your real desires in each area.  Then when opportunities come along you will be able to make a decision to follow or let it go,  because you will know if these new ideas are taking you towards your dreams or away from them.

Enjoy getting power from your clarity!

What Have You Got on Your Bucket List?

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream.”  Anon

As I’m someone a bit longer in the tooth than some of you reading this, I chose for my tagline some time ago, “Youth and Vitality at Any Age.”  I am so excited about this transformational industry that I’m in.  It isn’t restricted to any age, so I can be part of it, I can choose at any time I want, to make the changes I want to, and SO CAN YOU!  I no longer want to live the expectations of others.  I have my own guidelines, goals and dreams.

The energy of the world that follows the Law of Attraction is always constant for anyone in the world.  In fact it is operating whether you want it to, whether you know about it or not.  If you have a positive thought it operates, if you have a negative thought it operates.  Like attracts like, so what are the goals and dreams you want to attract!  As long as we’re alive we all have the same number of minutes in every year.  How do you want to spend yours?  Do you want to use your minutes and follow the dream of someone else, or do you want to follow those dreams you have burning deep inside, that just won’t go away.  Never let anyone else tell you are you are too old for anything that you really want to do, that you’ve got on your ‘bucket list.’  Just make sure your insurance is up to date & go for it!

Enjoy living your dream!

What’s in a Shadow?



Have you heard of shadow work?  Debbie Ford wrote a great book, “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers.”  In it she talks about how we all have aspects of ourselves that we don’t want others to know about because we’ve been brought up to believe that those aspects are not acceptable in some way.  However my beliefs about unacceptable behaviour may be completely different from yours or other cultures.  This may not be conscious but when we see it in others & it ‘pushes our buttons’ it can actually be a lesson for us to examine why we have such an aversion to their behaviour.

And strange as it may seem, there are ‘gifts’ in those shadows that emerge as we shine the light on them.  The gifts that Gibran talks about.  There is a Law of Polarity that says, there are 2 sides to everything, so if you can be intolerant you can also be tolerant.  The joy is in being able to accept that you could be something you absolutely don’t want to own, we all could be.  In the same way, that if you notice some great things in others & don’t believe you can be that either, then you are shutting yourself off from living from the full spectrum of emotions & behaviours.  Start noticing what is irritating you in others & check in to where are you, or could you be that & what is the gift!

Enjoy finding those gifts!