Monthly Archives: May 2015

Try Flying with the Eagles!

“If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down.” Anon

Like the butterfly we have to shed all the things that are going to hold us back from our past. Just as the cocoon is holding the butterfly from flying, our limiting beliefs can keep us from reaching our potential. I don’t know whether the caterpillar has a lot of negative chatter like we can indulge in, but its intention is to become a beautiful butterfly and it does.  What is it that you intend to do but it feels like life is holding you back, weighing you down? What is the conversation going on your head that is telling you, ‘you can’t do it,’ that you’re not good enough, or you’re a failure. Believing those disempowering thoughts lower our self-belief, self-esteem or self-confidence. In this place of low energy it can be easy to ‘stay with the turkeys instead of flying with the eagles.’

How many generations have passed believing what you’ve also been taught? One of my coaches told a story about looking at a turnip at the supermarket, not long after her met his wife.  She asked what he was going to do with it. When he replied that he was going to eat it, she said, “we give that to the pigs, and we eat the greens.” He wondered how far back he would go before he found who had made that decision about whether to eat the root or the greens. Most of these disempowering beliefs we have are just like this turnip and not everyone has been told the same story. What if you were to replace that belief that isn’t serving you, to a positive empowering one? You would be soaring with the eagles in no time.

Enjoy discarding the thoughts and beliefs that are weighing you down!

What do the Stars Mean to You?

“Don’t expect only happiness in your life.  There are going to be dark times, but remember that stars need darkness to shine.”  Anon

I went to a beautiful temple in New Delhi, 3 or 4 years ago. There was a sign that said, “This too will pass.”  Most of us probably are hopeful when things are not how we would like, but to recognise that it is also true for the happy times, isn’t such an easy pill to swallow.  Unfortunately the swings & roundabouts are not always evenly placed.  As I write this I have just got off the phone from a friend telling me that her brother had been killed in a car crash in Europe.  I’m sure his wife will be in the darkness for a while, but hopefully she will be able to see the stars shining before too long. I hope that those stars will be the reminders of all the good times they had together over 40 + years of marriage, the happy times.

Often it is the unhappy times, the dark times, that make us appreciate the good times, the light.  Being able to appreciate those little sparkling stars when we are in the midst of darkness may be hard to do.  But it may be all that is needed, to help us go on, when there is a part of us that wants to give up. When we have a happy cycle it is important to cherish it, and when we have the dark part of the cycle it is important to remember that just like the stars we need the darkness to shine.

Enjoy the dark as well as the light!

Are You Courageously Moving Through the Fear?

“There’s plenty of intelligence in the world, but the courage to do things differently is in short supply.”  Marilyn Vos Savant

Our education system is all about achieving the grades so that we can move on to the next level of education.  We’ve been told that our schooling is really important, which it is, but we are not always being encouraged to do things our own way.  Instead we may feel we have to do things as we have been taught by our parents or our teachers.  As a human race, a primal need for most of us, is to bond with our fellow humans.  To have the courage to go right when everyone else goes left can be a bit scary, and can cause us to feel alone.

Centuries ago it would have meant certain death if we didn’t stay with the tribe and do exactly as they said, because we could have been kicked out of the tribe and been left to fend for ourselves.  The memory of that can still be carried in our cells and can bring up fear of something bad but unknown about to happen, when we attempt to be different.  Knowing that the fear of being eaten alive by a passing lion is not real, can be the start to accepting the challenge of our passions, desires, and purpose!

Enjoy feeling the fear and having the courage to be different!

Are You Letting Go When You Need To?

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and hanging on.”  Anon

Years ago when I first started this personal development work I was told by one coach as a throw away statement, “You need to let go.”  I spent a long time after that trying to work out what it was I was meant to be letting go of.  Now, after my own training as a coach I have realised how we are all being driven by our subconscious beliefs.  Some of these are positive and empowering so of course we want to hang on to those.

Unfortunately most of us also experience events or processes in our families or at school, that are less than supportive.  Letting them go can be part of our life’s work. Some are not so important or deeply ingrained and we find it easier to let those go.  But the ones that have caused deep scars need more work to keep reminding ourselves that at our core, our authentic self is love and compassion.   That we are good enough, that at our core we are good people and that we deserve to be supported and understood.  However your beliefs may be pushing that support and understanding away.  Often we develop coping skills and believe we don’t need help.  We wall our needs up and hang on to them instead of letting them out.   What needs do you have that you are keeping to yourself?

Enjoy getting a good balance of hanging on and letting go!