Monthly Archives: December 2015

End 2015 With Some Reflection!

“I will wake up happy, healthy and more productive mood. I will enjoy more of life tomorrow than I did today. My very essence is only programmed for growth, only for abundance in all areas of my life. All I have to do is choose to stay tuned to this idea and continue to spend time with people who are also tuned into this idea.”  Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield was one of the authors of the book series, “Chicken Soup for the …..” This is a great mantra that may very well have helped him gain the fame that he has. Do you have a habit of saying a mantra or affirmation each night before you go to bed? Do you have other habits that will support a good night’s sleep as your subconscious works all night on your last thought? I like to have a gratitude journal to finish off my day because I know it will put my physiology into a good state before I go to sleep.

Are you setting any intentions for the next day that will support a willingness and openness to new opportunities and relationships? And how are you staying connected and tuned into your intentions? Do you stay tapping away at the computer or watching TV late into the night, or do you turn off the technology in time to have some reflection at the end of the day? It’s also at this time of the year that we can reflect not only on one day but on how you have got on with the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Can you accept that as you grow, not all sections of your life will be 100% achieved? Learning how to observe your results without judgement & tweak what didn’t work so well for 2015, before you start 2016. And as we round off the year find some things that you are grateful for so you can start 2016 on a high note.

At this point I would like to show my gratitude for those of you who are still opening my weekly emails and connecting with me with your own thoughts and aha moments. I wish you all the best for a restful holiday period so that you can start 2016 in a refreshed state.

Enjoy finishing your day on a positive note!

It’s Never Too Late!

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”   George Elliot

Have you got a hankering to do something other than what you are doing at the moment?  And I don’t mean right this second, I mean with your life in general. With the prospect of holidays coming up it is a good time to take stock and have the time to actually think about whether you are happy with the status quo. I have had statements made to me in the past that I’m never satisfied with my lot. In my defence I have learned that this isn’t the whole truth. As with everything in life there can always be more than one perspective.

I am very grateful for the life that has brought me to where I am today but on the other hand like the roses that are blooming so beautifully in my garden at the moment, I feel I have more than my half-opened bud to offer the world. I have an inner drive pushing me forward to reach the potential my seed knew at conception. Wayne dyer wrote a book about Intention, meaning that the acorn seed knew it could only be an oak tree – that was its intention. What did your seed know that it is still striving to become?

Enjoy spending time searching for your truth!

It’s Almost Time to Let Go of 2015!

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it’s letting go.”

The Chinese believe that the Lung energy is about taking on the new but then being able to let go when the time is right, which of course is what we do with the breath. The waves of the sea also come and go. Grief is the emotion associated with the Lung energy, not just the grief we feel when someone dear leaves us, but also for other losses such as a job, or loss of our health when we are no longer able to do all we could in the past, or our youth when everything seems to wear out. If our Lung energy is balanced then we are able to let go appropriately.

However we often feel it is stronger to hold on well past the ‘use by date’ of the relationship, the job or our health. This can be very tiring as we work hard to maintain the status quo. The letting go may be more of an acceptance that things have changed, as things do; a recognition that we actually do have the strength to move forward into the new life. As with all experiences, the new lessons will probably makes us stronger in the long run & will give us the ability to keep repeating the process of ‘letting go,’ with the strength of a balanced Lung energy. This new found strength will give us the self-confidence to face the inevitable changes of life.

Enjoy accepting that life is for ever changing!