Monthly Archives: January 2016

What Great Plans Have You Got Instore for Your Life?

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much!”   Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn is a favourite of mine. I have listened to him since the days of audio tapes. He was one who was mentored from a young age and he followed the advice given to him. Needless to say one piece of advice was to design his own life. The other option is to live life by default where we just go through the motions of living the life someone else has encouraged us to live, even though that life doesn’t feel good deep inside us. This relates back to my message last week about listening to the voice inside us that speaks to us all the time. So often though we don’t listen.

I have just been to Nelson for the weekend to attend the Evolve Festival. A long way to go, but I was drawn to make the decision and book airline flights some months ago. As we arrived I had this question from my practical mind, “Why have we come all this way for this?” As it turned out a couple of things happened that made it clear and not at all as I was thinking at all. I’ve been brought up in a world of clinical reasoning and still find it difficult to let go of that and just go where my body tells me. Sometimes this is where the plan is laid down, other times it looks like a zig zag trajectory. Ultimately though it is where my heart is planning not an outside source, who doesn’t necessarily have my best interest at heart.

Enjoy planning your own life!

You Are Number 1

“Do not look for sanctuary in anyone except yourself.”

This is very meaningful for me today. Last weekend I had a situation where I was approached and my initial reaction was, “I don’t trust you.” However after some sweet talking, my mind put its comments into the equation and over road my instincts. As it turns out my instincts were probably spot on. I then felt unsafe and insecure and felt like, “Who can I trust?” Of course I could start with my own intuition.

I wrote that first paragraph last week and had to have my computer checked over since the hackers had got into it. Sweet talkers they were but my intuition knew. So here I am a week later starting again. And would you believe it I had another situation when I couldn’t get through a locked door and no one seemed to know where the key was. Call it crazy but I had had an intuitive hit a few days earlier to get a key cut for myself. Did I do it? I was locked out wasn’t I! It’s time for me to listen to myself. Yes take into consideration what others are saying but ultimately I am the CEO of my own life. I am where the buck stops.

Enjoy being the CEO of your life!  

What is Your Favourite Day?

“What day is it, asked Pooh? It’s today, squeaked Piglet. My favourite day, said Pooh.”

Happy New Year everyone!! Imagine how you would feel about your life if you were to believe this about every day of your life, if you woke up each morning having this intention no matter what was going on. We all have the ability to choose how we feel, what level of energy we are going to take into our day and whether it is going to be our favourite day.

I know at the beginning of the holiday period I was looking forward to the family being around me. I enjoyed all the minutes I could, sharing our experiences together. Now that they’ve gone back to their own situations and I’m heading home to start the working part of 2016, I could allow myself to feel less than positive about that prospect. Or I can choose to be grateful for waking up again today, for all the other experiences and moments that I have attracted into my life. Am I perfect at this? No, I am human in each of those moments where I allow myself to behave with old outdated habitual responses and feelings. Each one of those ‘lapses’ can be a learning experience where I can start to recognise the triggers and choose to respond differently.

Enjoy living each favourite day!