Monthly Archives: September 2016

Have You Had Your Best Days?

“Choose to believe and act as if your best days are ahead – and they most likely will be.”

This can be very challenging for some to believe especially if things are already going well. For those in the thick of a situation that isn’t pleasant they will definitely be hoping that this quote is true. The bottom line is that we are the creator of our lives and if we choose to believe and act as if it is going to be better then it will be. The bible has been quoted, “Ask and ye shall receive.” Scientists have done so much work on this they now know without a shadow of a doubt, that we also need to make sure the word believe is in there. When we honestly believe, we put out a vibration into the universe. We have a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) and its job is to constantly be on the alert to match up from the universe what you have put out as a belief.

Unfortunately most of us also have beliefs that are limiting, that are constantly putting out their own vibrations, that don’t support the one we have consciously thought up. If we are unaware of that we may be flooding the universe with doubts, fears, anxiety and conversations about why it shouldn’t or won’t happen. The RAS then searches to find those circumstances to match the doubts, fears and anxiety. And guess what, it will find more of that, if that is your predominant vibration. This can be a challenging concept to accept the responsibility for our circumstances and I for one don’t want to believe that my best days are behind me. YOU, yes YOU, have the power to create everything in your life.

Enjoy creating those best days ahead!

What Does Success Mean to You?

“If you success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world, but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all.”  Anna Quindlen

Having listened to a lot of people who are dissatisfied with their lives, it often comes down to one thing. They haven’t got any sort of connection with what they are doing. They may be doing what their father or mother did, they may feel they have to take on the family business, their career’s advisor may have told them what they think they should be doing. And there they stay feeling like they can’t move to another situation because they need to earn enough dollars to keep the family afloat.

From the outside it may appear that they are successful but for some if they are not on purpose the ‘success’ can feel hollow. They can be left wondering, “is this all there is?” They may start searching, trying new things, taking on new opportunities that come their way only to find they still don’t feel the satisfaction of being on purpose. If you feel you are on purpose, great! If not just recognise that the connection to your authentic self may be a bit watered down. Try having a few moments each day where you sit quietly & ask for the guidance you need to find things that enrich your soul.

Enjoy making a connection with your authentic essence.

Emotional Freedom or Purpose, Why Not Both!

“I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be.”   Douglas Adams.

When you take a look at your life, there may be parts of it where you think to yourself, “How on earth did I end up here?” There have been parts of my life when I have just sailed along following what I felt to be true for me and things have happened as I felt I have wanted. And then out of the blue something comes along, that changes the whole trajectory of my life. These things may be unwelcome while in the drama of it all. But when I look back, new opportunities have come into my life, that have caused me to grow in new directions. Although I enjoyed my life as a physiotherapist, there came a point in time when I felt I was being pushed to do something else. As a life coach with a bias on emotional intelligence my purpose feels fulfilled. I know I’m in this life to communicate as a coach, a speaker and writer.

What is it for you? Are you aware of following an inner calling or are you living your life by default, that was decided for you by parents, teachers, or friends? It can be scary to let go of some old habits and allow our intuition to guide us through life. Like everything in life there needs to be a balance of being the person who follows their gut instinct but also is able to take action to move in the direction of that intuitive nudge. Have you observed things coming into your life that on the surface seemed completely out of the blue, but when you look back you realise you are living a life that was simmering below the surface when you were young. Back then, you may have thought you weren’t good enough, you didn’t have the skills, or doubting your ability to achieve something like that. So you followed a path you thought was what you wanted, only to find that several of those paths didn’t give you the sense of purpose you were looking for. Then when you look back you realise that all those detours were giving you the skills you needed or realisations of some sort, and you felt on purpose and in a place where you needed to be.

Enjoy finding your purpose!