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Choices, Choices, Choices!

“There is no security in this life. There is only opportunity.”

A few years ago I read a book called “Embracing Uncertainty,” by Susan Jeffers. Let’s face it, the only real security we have in life, is that things are going to change. For a lot of people this gives them cause to worry about what is going to happen next, to become anxious and fearful. This is an indication that they are expecting the worst. So of course it does not feel secure. I admit to doing this, luckily not so much now. One of the techniques I have found useful, is to observe what I am thinking and feeling about all the events that take place in my life. “Everything,” I hear you ask? That is the general idea, but of course we can’t observe every little thing or we might be doing that all day. It is helpful to write all the thoughts and feelings down so we can see a pattern of negativity or a pattern of opportunity and possibility.

Only when we see these patterns, are we able to make the changes that we want. Who chooses to be anxious and fearful about life? Who doesn’t want to feel more at peace with themselves and the world around them as the unknown future brings opportunity and possibility? As I write this, the US citizens are celebrating Thanksgiving. This is a habit that would be good for all of us to maintain for every day of the year. Being thankful not only for what has been but also for what is and will be in the future. Feeling that gratitude for the future is like a faith. When we feel that, we look at life differently and see the opportunity in every corner or shadow.

Enjoy being open to the opportunity of life!

Life is a Roller Coaster of Painful Endings and New Beginnings

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”

This could apply to a relationship, a job, a home, a belief or anything that causes us pain emotionally because it is ending. I’m sure you have all experienced this & you wouldn’t be human if you hadn’t, unless you’re a baby. Even that could be considered an ending, of life in the safety of the womb. These painful endings could be as a result of a choice we have made or a decision by someone else. Although it may not feel pleasant while in the experience of it all, when we look back from the safety of a happy new experience we may see that life has done us a favour, that would not have been as good if we had stayed in that toxic relationship or hadn’t moved to a home that suits your needs better.

At the time the pain can be too raw to recognise the gift we are being given. The first time I was aware of life not just rolling over from one year to the next and being pretty much the same, was when I left home as part of my training to be a physiotherapist. I could clearly see the demarcation from one set of circumstances to the next. There really wasn’t any pain in this move but there have been several since that weren’t as smooth sailing. Some of these changes have clearly made the way for experiences & opportunities that I might not have had in the old life. As they say hindsight is a great thing. The chance we have in these painful endings, is to see the opportunities for growth & embrace these endings with an attitude of the glass half-full. At the end of the day, this approach will yield better results for your new beginnings regardless of how you saw it from the place of the painful ending.

Enjoy approaching life with the expectation that some exciting new experiences could be just around the corner!

Which of Your Habits is Distracting You From Your Dreams?

“In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia, until we ultimately become enslaved by it.”   Robert Heinlein

We’ve known for years that if we write our goals down we are more likely to achieve them. This is partially to do with the part of the brain that is activated with the act of writing something down. Another part to it is how emotionally attached we are to the idea. Energetically we harness the Laws of the Universe to attract things that are energetically aligned with what we are working towards. Although writing them down makes the process more likely to attract our goals, the act of believing in the outcome is the most powerful factor! However, sitting around and expecting it to happen doesn’t work on its own.

The daily trivia that Robert Heinlein is speaking of, are the behaviours that we do on a daily basis that are not moving us towards our goals. For example, the habit of going into our inbox or facebook more than we know we should. Life coaching is about helping people to move forwards to their goals. Often it isn’t as simple as choosing to change our habits, just like a smoker trying to give up that habit. It can be about finding out what your beliefs are that are not allowing you to align with your dreams, to take the steps you know will take you forward if only you could get yourself to take them. This can be an insidious process. We don’t realise what we are doing until we look back and see what we have and haven’t done to achieve our plans. Sometimes there are perceived benefits to sidestepping the new habits and sticking to the old ones. What are you doing or not doing on a regular basis that is sabotaging your attempts to get to your goal? What are your beliefs that are creating those habits?

Enjoy reflecting on your habits!

Just do It

“There are two kinds of people in this world: those who want to get things done and those who don’t want to make mistakes.”  John C Maxwell

I know I’ve been both of these in the past but more often the perfectionist who doesn’t want to make a mistake, who wants to avoid being judged. But at the end of the day I could be judged for not doing what needs to be done, just as easily as being judged for doing something that may not be absolutely perfect. I have to keep reminding myself of this fact when I start to veer off track and let the doubts take hold. Where do you think you fit into the scheme of things? Do you wake up in the morning excited to live your life and accomplish something special each day? Or do you wake up hoping to coast through the day and escape having to take any risks and step outside your comfort zone, to fly under the radar?

Do you set your intention each day for what you want to achieve, in other words do you set goals? I’ve spoken before about the power of our thought and how the energy transmitted by each thought creates that thought into a form, a something solid that is often termed manifesting. If we can hold steadfast to that thought of the thing we want, and be the sort of person who wants to get that thing done, it will happen. The Natural Laws of the universe cannot make it not materialise if you can hold on to that thought despite the doubts, worries and fears. It is up to all of us to set the intention, believe in that intention and go out and DO IT!

Enjoy creating what you want!