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Are You Listening to Your Inner Wisdom

“As you climb the ladder of success, be sure it’s leaning against the right building.”  Jackson Brown Jnr.

So what is the right building? Sometimes that isn’t apparent until we have gone up a lot of rungs. Years ago I had the desire to make clothing for a certain group of women & the timing wasn’t right, so I didn’t do it. But that desire kept burning on. It became a desire that changed focus but I still put a team together to make clothing for a particular group of women. But maybe my ladder was against the wrong building because it wasn’t the success I had hoped for. It was the second ‘failure’ at around that time, and it caused me to doubt my abilities to run a successful business on my own. But something was pushing me onwards, towards a new venture which touches my heart & soul. It is the emotional life coaching that I love to be involved with today. I’m quite sure this particular ladder is up against the right building this time!

Do you know at the core of your being that you are doing exactly what lights you up? Are you giving yourself time amongst the busyness to feel into your body to get that information, to listen to the intuitive nudges we all get each day? Try setting  aside that time, set a clock if you need to, so that you can relax knowing you are not going to make yourself late for the next thing on your calendar. Don’t get disillusioned if you’re not hearing the answer straight away. This is an exercise, just like exercising a muscle. You know your muscles don’t bulk up overnight. A word of warning! The mind will continue to chatter. Acknowledge that, then bring your focus back to the breath. This helps to take you out of your head and it’s destructive chatter. I would love to hear how you are going with this small but important exercise. Before you know it the 5 minutes you allowed at the start will become 10 or 15 as you feel the benefits.

Enjoy some still quiet time every day!

Discipline Vs Devotion, Which do You Admire the Most?

“People think I’m disciplined. It is not discipline. It is devotion. There is a great difference.  Luciano Pavarotti   Opera singer 1935 – 2007

Another word for devotion could be passion. There is a lot written about the driving force that passion can bring to whatever we are doing. It helps us to stay in the zone when the will power has dried up long ago. Pavarotti is only one of many who have achieved greatness in their lives because they have the passion and also the belief in themselves.  It is this devotion or passion that helps anyone overcome the challenges that they face on a daily basis. If we have this magic ingredient of the devotion, the discipline is not needed the same. When we first start something, we may need the discipline to keep us going, until we feel the thrill of having achieved a new skill, and can see how this new skill can create the dreams we may not have dared to dream when we were younger.

Perhaps you tried something when you were younger but didn’t feel you had the time to pursue it. It has lain dormant for all those years and you now have a hankering to pick it up again. It may take some discipline for the first 3 weeks or so . When the rusty skills develop quickly and we get that positive burst of energy through our body, we could get hooked into the feeling of the passion. However like everything in life according to the Chinese way of looking at health, there can always be extremes of anything. Be wary of allowing this new found ‘addiction/obsession,’ to tke over your life completely. As my father is always saying, “moderation in all things.”

Enjoy following your passion!