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Are You Still Moving Forward to Your Goals for 2017?

“You do not always have to know when you are going to get to your goal, or how you are going to get to your goal, but you do need to take the next step.  Peggy McColl

There is a Law of Gender or Gestation.  We all know when we put a carrot seed in the ground, when to expect it to start pushing green shoots through the earth & likewise, we have an expectation of how long a human seed is going to take before it is born. The ideas we have are also seeds & once planted, must materialise….as long as we nurture them. The trouble is, most of us get impatient and start to dig up those little seeds before they are ready, and of course that disrupts their growth. Remember that next time you start worrying and doubting that your ideas are going to sprout forth. There are so many stories of people who quit what they were working towards only to find later that they had been so close.


The important aspect is the belief that our ideas are going to sprout, the gestation time just may not be in your timeframe. You have probably heard that it is a good idea to have a strong WHY behind your ideas. This is so that you will keep taking the necessary steps that Peggy McColl is talking about in this quote. When those challenges come along, we have more motivation to keep going if we know WHY we want to move past them and not allow them to get the better of us. However, when we start the journey, we might not know all the steps, these will become apparent as we move forward. We may find there are things we need to learn which helps in the HOW. Letting the universe guide us in that, is important. We will get the answers to our questions about the HOW as we take each step. I certainly had no idea of the trainings I would do along this path to coaching people to get the best out of their lives.


Enjoy the mystery of life as it unfolds!

Where Do You Think You Are in Your Evolution?

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” anon

This is all about perspective. Just as an acorn doesn’t know how to grow into anything different than an oak tree, the caterpillar knows only to transform into a beautiful butterfly.  I chose the butterfly to represent what Rejuvenate is all about – how we can all transform ourselves, shed the story or history of baggage that we drag around with us, & become the butterfly we ‘know’ we can be. A few years ago I was at a huge convention in Las Vegas listening to Jim Rohn, a well-known personal development and motivational speaker. He was talking about a caterpillar crawling. I remember circling the word crawling several times because I felt that was where I was at, at that time. Then he talked about the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. It was such a vivid time in my life that I remember that occasion well.

What are you wanting to do today that will take you towards your dream? Each day is a ‘brand new baby day.’ As Henry David Thoreau said all those years ago, “If one advances confidently in the direction of their dreams, endeavouring to live the life they are imagining, one passes an invisible boundary.  All sorts of things begin to occur that never otherwise would have occurred.  One begins to meet with success unexpected in common hours.” Move forward with faith/confidence one step, one day at a time, knowing like the butterfly that you can become your dream whatever your age.

Enjoy stepping into a new story!

Do You Feel Ashamed of Your Clutter?


Clutter is not just physical stuff. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self.”  Eleanor Brownn 

No doubt you have all seen those programmes on TV where a professional cleaning team come in and sort out the junk and clutter of a different person’s house each week. The problem is, that unless the underlying reason for the clutter is addressed, the clutter will just escalate again, because usually the cutter is not just a physical problem. There is usually something else that is causing the person to want to collect stuff around them. It could be defined as unnecessary stuff that prevents us from having clarity on some level. There are emotions around collecting it and emotions around letting it go. The emotions could be of fear of letting go, or not having enough; of loss or grief; of scarcity and lack; of safety issues where I need to feel protected; of anger to do with control issues.

There are a whole heap of questions that we can ask to get clarity to help people seeking help to find out things like, “how does the clutter serve me?” It must have some upside or we wouldn’t hang on to these things. As with so many things in life, there are limiting beliefs around clearing clutter, like: “ I won’t be safe without it,” especially if we have tried to get rid of it in the past and we were out of our comfort zone and soon after the clutter started to appear again. There are a lot of questions around how we feel about our clutter that can help uncover the original reasons for starting to allow this stuff to accumulate. Those feelings  could be shame, overwhelm, anxiety and lots more.

Enjoy getting to the bottom of your clutter habit!