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Where to From Here?

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.  Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.  Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.  And most important, have the courage to follow your heart & intuition.  They somehow already know what you truly want to become.  Everything else is secondary.”  Steve Jobs 1955- 2011, Co-Founder of Apple Computer. 

Do I need to add my pennies worth to this. He covers a lot of ground in this quote. It is a good time of the year whether you believe in resolutions or not, the New Year’s energy can be uplifting. It can be a turning point to look at what didn’t work in 2017. You don’t want to repeat that unless you want the same results for 2018. Do you tune into what your gut or heart is telling you about what your next steps should be? I have been guilty in the past, of paying too much attention to what others are saying & not listening to what my own internal intelligence is saying. This continues to be a work in progress as I listen to others who appear to have the answers, so I think that they must KNOW! But why is that? I’ve seen children with more clues than some of us adults. I am living what I believe is my path, but it can be hard sometimes to drown out the voices of strong opinionated people, especially if they are saying what the little voices of doubt have been expressing in my head.

And sometimes it does take courage to follow your heart and intuition. The more of this work that I do, the more I am convinced that I can manifest what I want, if I can keep the wants & not the don’t wants holding centre stage in my head. I have had too many evidences of this throughout my life. I’m sure you have had evidence as well, but often we don’t pay attention, we don’t notice, because the little things like finding a car park exactly where we want it, seem too insignificant. We can build on this understanding, trusting in ourselves and the universe to deliver, if we keep visualizing what it is that we want to achieve in our lives. Maybe it’s a certain way we would like to be, and then feel better about who we are becoming in the world. Then as Steve Jobs says, everything else is secondary.

Enjoy following your own voice!

Do You Trust the Universe or Yourself?

“Trust the universe.  Trust means, that the circumstances you are in, are working toward your best and most appropriate end.” Gary Zukav

Zukav wrote the New York Times bestseller, ‘The Seat of the Soul, an Inspiring Vision of Humanity’s Spiritual Destiny’, 20 years ago.  In that he devoted a whole chapter to trust.  Over the last couple of years I have been reminded over and over that life can feel more peaceful if I don’t try to control the outcome, if I can let go the attachment of the outcome.  For someone used to pushing through life this has been a hard lesson (& I hasten to add, it isn’t over yet).

In these thoughts this week I am mainly concentrating on the Trust of the Universe. When you next have some quiet time, think or meditate about the other aspect of trust – that of trusting ourselves and other people. The answer to this will be reflected in how we interact with the world. So back to the Universe.

How do we know whether we are being the person we came into this earth experience to be?  How can we trust, when our circumstances don’t inspire us.  It is these feelings of discontent about our present circumstances or the longing for something better that cause us to grow and become more empowered to trust the process.  If we are doing what we feel passionate about and feel life has a purpose, that is the first step in living our dream life.  Are you doing what is in alignment with your core values, do you need to learn more, do you need some help to achieve your dreams & are your dreams going to enhance other people’s lives?  If you can say, ‘Yes’, to all of these you know that you are moving in the right direction for your life.

Now all you need to do, is Trust that the universe will create the experiences necessary to achieve your dreams.  Start noticing the little ‘coincidences’ that keep cropping up & it helps to then trust that the universe knows what it’s doing!

Enjoy letting go & TRUSTING!     

Are you Ready for 2018?

“Achieving your goals is NOT a problem of goal setting.  We are goal setting experts.  Goal achieving is an issue of continuous and consistent decision making.”   Unknown

As we say good bye to 2017 a good percentage of us make goals to make changes in 2018.  Research has shown however, that most of us fail to follow through on those goals.  As the quote says setting the goals is easy, it’s the commitment we need to achieve them.

Next time you are faced with a decision to do something, ask yourself, “Is this action/behaviour going to move me closer to my goal?  And if not, do you want to give up one of your precious 525,600 minutes of 2018 to take this action?”  We all get given the same number of minutes each year, as long as we keep breathing.  How do you plan to use your allocation in a balanced way?

A builder uses a blueprint to get a house to completion as the owner wants, just as you have made your goals.  The builder has to go to the building site each day and follow the blueprint if the house is to be finished, just as you need to stay vigilant and protect your brand new baby year if you want to achieve your dreams.

Enjoy living those 525,600 minutes as you achieve your goals!