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Tick Tock

“Life is like a taxi.  The meter just keeps a-ticking whether you are getting somewhere or just standing still.”  Lou Erickson

When a friend’s mother turned 65 she said she was going to join the NMAT club & when asked what that was, she replied Never Miss a Thing club.  She realized that her life was just passing by.  She had been using the excuse that she was too old to do….. It’s amazing the excuses we all use for not doing things & then regret those decisions. I’m noticing though that there are more people at older age groups doing all sorts of things that their age group wouldn’t have tried in the past. I saw a video clip on facebook of a woman aged 102 running in an athletic meeting. Apparently her time was a record for that age group. Do you plan to join the NMAT club?

What have you chosen to do with your allocation of 525,000 minutes for 2018?  Are they just ticking by, or are you achieving goals you have set? The minutes certainly seem to be ticking by more quickly than they did in the past, unless I’m sitting waiting for someone or something.

At the end of last year I had a wonderful school reunion, just for our year – Most of us had just had a big ‘0’ birthday, so it was pretty special when we reflected on the fact that some hadn’t reached this milestone. Watching the smiles on the faces, listening to the laughter warmed my heart.  We were talking about when to hold the next one & the general opinion was that we shouldn’t leave it too long. These moments are precious and will never be repeated in exactly the same way again.

Enjoy the gift of life for each of those ticking seconds!

Have You Heard of Psychic Income?

“The conclusion that many heroes for a better world have discovered, is that helping others to be happy, is the surest way to find happiness.”  Robert Alan

Have you heard of psychic income?  This is the name for the feeling we get when we have done something for someone else that makes us feel good.  The more we can do in life that gives us that feel good factor, the better it is for our general vibration, our health and ultimately our happiness.  It can also give us a different perspective on life that makes us grateful that we have more health and fitness, or live in a better situation etc.  And as I’ve said in previous newsletters, gratitude in itself can raise our vibration. Anything that we can do to raise our own vibration is going to be of benefit, not only to us but also to those around us. So you can see that making others happy by helping them is creating happiness in ourselves and our loved ones.

The more we focus inwardly on how bad we personally feel when things don’t seem to be going that well, the less we exchange energy with the world around us.  We shut down our hearts in an attempt to protect ourselves from being hurt. When we do that the conversation between the heart and the rest of the body doesn’t flow well. The messages from the heart that could be about trusting others when we feel good, is more about being suspicious of others when shut down. Of course, the reverse is true: the more we focus on other people & strive to uplift them, the more energy we get flowing through our own hearts and spirits.  This is why the easiest way to feel better ourselves is to do something nice for someone else.

Enjoy being happy helping others!

Are You a Risk Taker?

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”   T S Elliot

One of the things I’ve done over the years, is take to the ski slopes on 2 skinny planks of wood. I started at an older age than some kids do these days and I know that until my skill improved I was definitely quite fearful. I would see little kids racing down the hill out of control without any apparent fear to hold them back. Once my skill improved, I also got a sense of a carefree, gay abandon especially when racing down the hill with a bunch of others who were also testing their boundaries. At the end of the day though I didn’t have the desire to spend lots of time weathering winter after winter to improve my skills to a point where I could race at a competitive level. I was content to have my skiing as a pleasurable past time not at a professional level.

But maybe there are some other things I could have pushed myself to do that would have gained different results. What about You? If you haven’t reached for your full potential in something, do you know why? Is it because of fear? Is it because you haven’t been encouraged to take some risks over the years? Maybe it is your belief system that allows that little voice in the head to persuade you that it isn’t a good idea to step outside your comfort and go for it! Maybe that is even happening now. If so does this quote cause you to be resistant and argue in your head with the author? Or does it give you a kick in the backside to take the steps you know you have been procrastinating about? So does that mean, giving yourself an encouraging pep-talk and taking that step you know you need to take to move forward? Have you tried talking to the fears, doubts and anxiety? These emotions will usually pop up when we’re going into something new. Our non-conscious mind is all about keeping us safe so it wants to warn us when we try these new sporting or work related activities. It will also want to take charge when we’re going into a new relationship. When you recognise that it’s time to let go of the stranglehold these limiting beliefs have over you, and you persuade the uncomfortable emotions to take a back seat for a while, you can set your intention to achieve what it is that you want and go for it!

Enjoy working towards your dream!

Start Living NOW!!

“Start living now.  Stop saving the china for that special occasion.  Stop withholding your love until that special person materialises.  Every day you are alive is a special occasion.  Every minute, every breath is a gift from God.  Mary Manin Morrissey

This quote reminds me of a woman called Loretta Laroche. She calls herself a humour therapist & she certainly looks at the mundane things of life from a humorous point of view. I’ve heard her talking about this very thing – keeping your best china only for visitors, having to be careful when the room has just been cleaned for guests and keeping your party clothes for special occasions. In her case that was a particular pair of frilly party pants which she says she still has to this day, but of course they no longer fit her. These are all about with-holding as are the suggestions from Mary Morrissey in this quote. As she says, we don’t have time or our breath with-held.

What can happen as we do this? We may find it takes energy as we are going against the flow. We are resisting the natural giving. If we resisted taking the breath we are being given, we would die. As long as we live another year, we are all given 365 days. What are you going to do with yours that allows life to flow through you rather than kinking the hose with resistance? What could you do today that you have been putting off or resisting, that will encourage the flow of life to move through you, rather than being blocked and causing illness or unhappiness?

Enjoy feeling the satisfaction in your body when you “go with the flow!”

What’s Your Story?

“You have an entire story to tell & no one can tell it quite like you.”  Byron Embry

Just like an author who is writing a book, we can change our story at any time.   As humans we have a mind that can alter the outcome of our lives.  Your life is full of lessons, experiences, good and bad and behind all of them is a powerful message that you are meant to share with the world that could leave an impression on someone that could change their life. What story do you want to leave in the minds of your children? A few years ago I was at an event where Les Brown was speaking. As he came in front of our table he thumped his fist down on the table as he said, “When you die do you want all your dreams and desires to say, we came to you for life and now we have to die with you!” A very powerful moment that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

What limiting story are you allowing to dictate how your life should be? Are you procrastinating? Are you allowing those insidious voices in your head to keep you small? Imagine a book on the desk in front of you with the pages on the left all written, and the pages on the right are all blank, waiting for the words to appear. Are you going to live your life by default, as the words get written for you or are you going to live by design where you get to write the words consciously having made a decision about what you want to put on those blank pages? It is never too late to choose a life by design. It doesn’t matter how old, how young, or what your skills are right now. You could literally get a cheap notebook or something inspiring if that is going to get you going. Write down the dream life you intend to live then break it down into goals and plans. Bring that story to life!

Enjoy getting your dream machine cranked up!