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When Will You Start Loving?

“You have no guarantee of tomorrow.  If you want to express love, you had better do it now.”  Rick Warren

Do you like being told you are loved?  By your ‘other half,’ your parents, your children?  Do you tell your loved ones how much you love & appreciate them? How grateful you are for them just being them?  Does it feel awkward to do that?  Perhaps you think they already know, that you don’t have to tell them. Have they done something that you are having trouble to forgive them for. This may need to be your first step. This is not about trying to forget, it is about letting go so that you can move on.

Are you aware that there are different ways to show your love for someone & that we are not all the same.  Some people go to a lot of trouble to find the right gift, others like to do physical jobs or make things for those they love & yet others just like to cuddle & hug.  Have you noticed the different ways those around you like to show their love & in turn have you love them?

As the quote says, none of us knows what tomorrow brings so get your own psychic income by showing your loved ones how much you love & appreciate them.

Enjoy showing your love TODAY!

hang In There Long Enough!

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this you haven’t.”  Thomas Edison

Having apparently tried 2000 times before he sorted out a light bulb for us, I’m thinking he has the right to make this comment. We will never know how many times we have to try at something before we get the right solution to our problem, if we give up. Henry Ford also had this approach where he had the belief that he could get the type of engine he wanted as long as he was prepared to continue paying the engineers until they designed what he wanted.  Has this happened to you? Sometimes we need a break while we do something else that doesn’t take a lot of brain power. Wash the dishes, mow the lawn while you let your brain go into neutral, and bingo the answer arrives.

Edison used to sit in a rocking chair as he meditated and went to the “Land of Solutions.” This was something he thought was very important and something we all could do. He felt most of us didn’t stay with our problems for long enough to get the answers we wanted. Those who design or discover things obviously stay with the problem long enough to go beyond what others thought was possible. Are you aware of sorting problems out like this? Do you have some quiet time each day where you ask the questions you want answers for? Remember the answers may not come immediately, if you ask before you go to sleep your subconscious will go to work overnight to come up with an answer that you can work on next day.

Enjoy finding your answers from the universal mind!

Can You Control Your Mind All the Time?

“I cannot always control what goes on outside. But I can always control what goes on inside.”   Wayne Dyer

Although Wayne says this with conviction, I know a lot of us don’t feel we have the ability to control what goes on inside much either. The subconscious mind remembers everything that has happened to us over the years and it seems to have the upper hand even when we are really trying hard in a conscious way to be different, do things differently and feel differently about the world around us and about ourselves. Often when we are under stress for any number of reasons, the old tried and true patterns rear their ugly heads no matter how hard we try. Right at the moment I am going through a stressful situation with my dad’s health, and it is interesting to see how we all revert to patterns that were there when we were children.

As Wayne says though, we can control what goes on inside if we have the will to do so. It just may not be as easy as he makes it sound. Having an awareness of what we are doing is a start. If we are not aware, how will we know what we want to change? It’s a matter of tracking our behaviour, being present in the moment, on a regular basis. Notice what we are happy with and what we are not. What are we feeling physically and emotionally and what changes we would like to make right here and now! At the very least we can vow to do better next time and even put some strategies in place of how we might be better next time. It’s only by going through regular mindfulness as the day progresses that we can turn the tide of behaviours that no longer serve us. Probably never have! We do not have to sit like a yogi to be mindful. Being able to incorporate the reflection or mindfulness as we go through life is more likely to bring the results we want when busy and stressed.

Enjoy tracking what you are feeling regularly throughout the day!