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Mind Full or Mindfulness?

“And the funny thing about creating things, folks: we are creators. Nothing comes to us. Everything comes through us, from us. Everything in this world that happens to us comes from here, not out here. And everything that you have in your life is exactly what you designed, the dress you’re wearing, the coat you’re wearing, the tie you’re wearing, the necklace you’re wearing, the home you’re living in, the neighbours you’ve got, the friends you’ve got and the Senators you’ve got. So don’t blame me for people that you attracted.”   Earl Schoaff, Jim Rohn’s mentor.

Jim Rohn was probably the first speaker that I listened to on ‘audio tapes’ a lot when I first started on my personal development road. He often referred to his mentor but I hadn’t seen any of his work. There is so much evidence now about how we create our world, how we attract to us, the vibrational match for who we are, how we are feeling and thinking. When Earl Schoaff was uttering these words it was from a place of ‘knowing,’ but probably not from the background of the physics that has been done since then. There is still so much we don’t know.

I have spoken before about the people who are attracting what they don’t want but they are so attached energetically to what they don’t want, that they can’t see that energy flowing through them day in and day out. For some it is completely a lack of awareness that they can change their behaviour. For others it is an awareness of knowing how they can attract the things they want, but they are a vibrational match for that for such a short period of the day, that the other energy that they feel dominates. So what can you do daily to remind yourself throughout the day, of how you want to feel, the beliefs you want to have and the thoughts you want to be focusing on? The first thing is to remind yourself constantly is to notice what it is that you are feeling, thinking and believing in any given moment. If you don’t want to have those feelings, thoughts or beliefs then it is up to you to change them then & there. Remind yourself of what you have already decided to put in place for these occasions – a word, a phrase, some positive empowering thought.

Enjoy your mindfulness practice!

The Art of Being Wise!

“The art of being wise, is knowing what to overlook.”   William James

At the end of the day the question we have to ask ourselves is, “Will this matter in a year or even 6 months from now?”  The art of overlooking is never tested as sorely as when we have children.  Tidy bedrooms, beds made, dyed hair, studs in the tongue.  At the end of the day we have to make a judgement call.   Aah the word judgement.  I was having a conversation with a friend recently because judgement has been tied to criticism and we were discussing how we still need judgement to get ourselves out of trouble, to get a feel for how far away that approaching car is and so on.

Today I was reading a series of blogs and one was about judgement.  Rachael Jayne Groover was saying that judgement can help us choose, even down to which groceries we want; it can help us let go of situations that are causing anxiety, when we judge what is real or imagined; judgement helps us see red flags to sense what situation is or isn’t right for you.  Connecting regularly with that part of you that is wise, will help you judge and know what to overlook.

Enjoy overlooking minor things!

Perfectionism versus Productivity!

“Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism…. Confronting your fears & allowing yourself the right to be human can, paradoxically, make you a far happier & more productive person.”  David M. Burns

There is definitely a relationship between perfectionism & productivity.  When we are afraid that whatever we do won’t be good enough, our creativity freezes up.  To enjoy a colourful creative, vibrant & successful life, we have to trust in the inspirations that come to us, & act with faith that if we simply do our best & keep moving forward, everything will work out fine.  Striving for excellence is different from striving for perfection.

I have had a tendency over the years to judge myself as falling short because I haven’t done a perfect job, by my standards.  Judging ourselves is not empowering.  This feeling can be heavy or uncomfortable or basically not feeling good. The word, allow, comes to mind – “to allow myself to contribute in life the best I can.”  This stops the procrastination – if I haven’t done something, I can’t be judged, by them or me.  If however I’m OK about just taking part, doing my best in this present moment, I can relax & enjoy the experience. And experience is what I get by just starting, even if heading on the wrong track – this in itself can empower & give satisfaction.

Enjoy facing the fears & limiting beliefs!

Are You Prepared to Play Full Out For the last Quarter of the Year?

“The winner is the one who is willing to get out on the field and play the game.”  Vince Lombardi

This weekend I was up in Wanaka for their annual cross country ski race that they call “The Merino Muster.” This is because it is held on what used to be a merino sheep farm and they call the ski field, The Snow Farm. It is an International event so there were a lot of countries represented. Although most are skiing for themselves it becomes a bit like a team event as people travel from the other side of the globe to meet up with others who enjoy cross country skiing as much as they do. They meet in all the different countries that hold this international Loppet Event and get their Loppet passport stamped to say they have done it.

Because there are 3 different lengths of race almost anyone can find a distance that they can manage. There were ‘sit-skiers,’ there were amputees, there were children of all ages and there is usually an octogenarian, prepared to ‘have a go.’ And this year was no exception. There were even 5 ladies who chose to use snow shoes & walk the 7 km distance with a glass of wine in hand. The day and snow was perfect but no matter how good the situation there will always be some of us who have excuses why we are not going to take part. This is the same with life in general. So, whatever your life is asking you to do: get out on the field of your life today and play full out. You will find that in this day are some miracles just waiting to happen.

Enjoy living FULL OUT!