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Are You a Starter or a Finisher?

“My country didn’t send me 5,000 miles to start the race.  They sent me 5,000 miles to finish the race.”  John Stephen Akwari

1968 Mexico Olympics from Tanzania

Are you the sort of person who has lots of ideas and loves starting things?  Or are you the sort who likes seeing the results of a job well done.  Unless you work in a team of people who have their designated jobs in the process of completion, it will be up to you to start and finish.

I’ve just been on a course about epigenetics – they used to think that our genes were set in concrete. But now they are realising that there are some genes that can’t be changed & others that can. It is an emerging field of science & fascinating to me, hence my desire to go on the course. There I found out that there are 6 different groups of biological types who respond differently to the challenges of life. And each group is driven by a different hormone/chemical.

So for me to finish something I need to make it a challenge, now I know that, I might finish off some of the tasks around this house.  Another group has to have lots of little tick boxes & others need certainty to keep them moving forward. Fascinating how we all react to life. Do you know what keeps you motivated to get things done? We don’t need to be too hard on ourselves. It may be a matter of our biology. Being an observer may help us to see what our patterns are and therefore how we might be able to change.

Enjoy finishing what you have started!

p.s. John Akwari fell at the beginning of the marathon. He dislocated his knee and hurt his shoulder but he finished the race.

Are You Willing to do What Unsuccessful People Are Unwilling to Do?

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”   Jim Rohn

Jim was one of the first people I listened to on tape back in the 80s.  Gentleman Jim is what they called him and that is how I also perceived him.  He had a presence about him and from a very early age he had done what unsuccessful people were unwilling to do.  This had caused a quick rise up his success ladder.  It was the second sentence that stuck out in my mind back then.  These words had been passed down to him by his mentor and they are based on the understanding that we all grow from our challenges.

Were you told as a child that anything worth having was worth working/fighting for?  I was watching my 2 year old grand-daughter learning how to solve a wooden jigsaw puzzle.  She did it and tipped it out several times before she obviously decided, “I’ve mastered that,” and moved on to the next thing.  If we don’t take those first steps as a child learning to walk, we don’t learn.  Was that an option as a child?  I’m sure you didn’t give up the first time you plopped on to your butt, or you wouldn’t be walking today.  Just look back at some of the challenges in your life and see how you’ve had to grow to surmount them!

Enjoy learning to be ‘better’!

Has Your Self-Confidence Been Knocked Around Lately?

“Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it!”

In my day job, so to speak, I work with undergraduate physiotherapy students. At the moment I have one student in particular who is allowing her lack of self-confidence to hold her back. She is self- doubting every decision she has to make. It will come, as she repeats moves and techniques and becomes more familiar with the feel of different tissues and when they are stiff or ‘normal.’ And when she becomes more sure of that, she will have more confidence in her diagnosis, and of course the treatment is based on that decision.

However I saw a woman in her mid-fifties several years ago who had been told all her life how useless she was. When we have been given that information by our primary carers or maybe a teacher, and when that has been repeated enough times, we believe that with every fibre of our being. How can you run a business or make executive decisions if you believe you are useless? It takes a lot of work to let that go, leave it behind and move forward without that anchor weighing us down! We have to do the inner work to believe that we are worthy, or that we deserve to get the results we want when we have worked so hard.

Unfortunately the subconscious is so much more powerful than the conscious mind and it stores all those old memories of when we perhaps didn’t do as well as we would have liked. It remembers and disputes our thought processes when our conscious mind tells us we are worthy, we deserve etc. We all need to kindly but firmly tell that subconscious part of us, that we have chosen to make some changes and we are now ‘rocking it,’ or whatever words feel comfortable for you! They have named it “fake it until you make it,” but it is more than that – we are reprogramming our minds with new words!

Enjoy believing in yourself and owning it!

Are You Aware of Your Inner Bully?

I have just been reading an article and thought you might like to hear what advice the author was putting out. She was acknowledging the journey she has been on with the self-talk that she used to accept. Not any more! The problem is, we believe the nasty things we say, the judgements and criticisms. We all do it, and if we can learn how to reframe those thoughts, we can change the way we feel about ourselves on a daily basis. I was speaking to a client earlier today who said, “I’m my own worst enemy,” and we all can be but we don’t have to be all the time or even most of the time.

Sandy Woznicki highlighted 6 steps that she has found very helpful and I’ll put the link at the bottom so you can read the full blog article if you choose.

Step 1: Say hello – recognising that this voice is not actually you, can help step back and see the link to a voice from your past that is trying to keep you safe.

Step 2: Change how you experience the bully – this is the reframing I was talking about above. Reframing any situation that you don’t like or feel uncomfortable with is a great tool.

Step 3: Find the positive intent – these voices are always wanting the best for us and trying to protect us from doing something they think is out of our league.

Step 4: Choose a neutral or positive thought instead – instead of completely going to the other end of the belief system, add in another word like choose. E.g. I’m choosing to believe…. Or adding the word ‘yet’ e.g. I can’t do that yet!

Step 5: Give yourself permission to be imperfect – this is huge for a lot of people who have been brought up with the saying, “If you can’t do it perfectly, don’t do it at all.” Sandy suggests writing yourself a permission slip to be imperfect. I, Robyn, give myself permission to run a webinar and not do it perfectly.”

Step 6: Know that you are not alone and can ask for help if you need it. Even a good friend can usually help you see the positive things about you and support you to stay on track with the first 5 steps. And usually we can also find out that they have similar conversations in their heads too and that can be reassuring.

Enjoy standing up to your inner bully!

Here’s the Link

Are Your Dreams to be a World Leader?

“There is no passion to be found playing small in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”  Nelson Mandela

Imagine what would have happened for his people, if Mandela had chosen to live a small life & not pushed forward through thick & thin to hold true to his dream!  What dream do you have that is pulling you forward to be bigger than you presently are?  Small dreams are a good start but they may not hold the passion to ultimately get you where you want to go.  That small dream may only be considered a goal or one step along the journey.  Mary Morrissey talks about asking yourself several questions about that big dream: is it worthy of me (giving up my life for it); does my dream make me feel alive; does it fit with my core values – do you know what your core values are – the dream won’t feel good if it doesn’t fit with your core values; is the dream going to require me to grow; do I need help from a Higher power to accomplish this dream; is there some good in my dream for others?

If you answered YES to all those questions then you will have a lot more Passion & a bigger WHY to fuel your desires & push, to pass any obstacles.  Nelson Mandela must have had a huge passion to overcome all the obstacles he faced.  You may not want to be a world leader, but what is the life you could be capable of living, if you gave yourself permission to get excited & passionate about your dream, despite the setbacks?  So that you would then take some action to live that life?

Enjoy living the life you are capable of!