Monthly Archives: May 2021

What Do You Suck At?

“I just give myself permission to suck….I find this hugely liberating.”  John Green

I wanted to find a quote about anxiety to support mental health awareness month, although it could now be over. Whether the stresses of life appear to be external or not, the internal perception has a big part to play in how we react to those stressors. We may allow ourselves to be miserable about something that happened in the past that we wish we could do again. We may look forward to a future that looks bleak and want to control the outcome so that things feel better. Whichever way we look if it’s not focused on the present then we have no way of tuning into how we are feeling in the moment and therefore how we might change it if we don’t like what we are feeling.

Choice has a big part to play in how we are feeling. We can wind up our reaction to the ‘triggers’ of someone else’s comments or behaviour, or we can choose a different perspective that makes us feel much better about ourselves. Just like the author of this quote. For those of us invested in putting on a front to the world that we have it all together, it may be hard to own up to the fact that actually there are some things that we suck at. When we can accept that part of us & love that part, it can take a big load off the mind and emotions. It takes a lot of energy to keep those realities hidden. When we can authentically let down the barriers and walls, there is nothing left to hide so no fear of being found out and it can free us from the anxiety that has been plaguing us.

Enjoy giving yourself the permission to suck!