I started my career as a physiotherapist, added acupuncture and now life coaching.  I found that I needed counselling skills for clients with physical problems who would tell me all about the problems they were having with their partner, children boss etc.  This emotional & psychological baggage was affecting their ability to heal.

I Needed Help

When my husband died I had a period when stress, fear, anxiety and general depression were in control of my life.  I saw an energy healer and this started me on a journey of self-discovery. I was inspired to embark on trainings, so that I could help people the way I had been, with coaching.  I learned that we can make changes in our lives simply by making the choice to do so, whatever our age.  This journey of self-discovery led me to a connection to the authentic person inside, the spiritual aspect that I had neglected for so long.  I learned that I am worth taking the time to make that connection regularly and so are you.

What do You Believe to Be True About Yourself?

One of the things I have learnt along the way is that our belief system is the driver behind everything we do.  The way we have been brought up creates our belief system.  Of course we are all different so we cope with those beliefs in different ways, in a way that would attract the love and attention we wanted from our parents or teachers, who were just doing the best they could, with their own beliefs. Many of us brought up in the 1950s/60s were encouraged to be little adults before our time, being careful to be ‘seen and not heard,’ to be responsible and study hard.  Whatever our age or whatever the message, these beliefs can explain why we sabotage our progress whether at work, in relationships, or achieving our goals in any area of our lives.

This is not an excuse to blame our genes.  It is a chance to make changes in our thoughts, feelings and actions and to listen to the small voice that gives us guidance as we go through life.  This is something that was awakened in me, once I let go of the resistance and listened.  I am committed to helping people find their own connection to their Inner Self.

We All Have All Emotions in us That Serve a Purpose 

I am also passionate about teaching the people I see, to allow their emotions to come up and flow through them – these emotions are just energy, not bad as some of them have been labelled.  It takes a lot of energy to suppress these emotions, to shut them down out of sight. Under stress they pop to the surface and you wonder where they’ve come from.  You may believe that it is inappropriate to behave in this way so you may feel shame or embarrassed by your behaviour. You may feel frustrated, unsupported and alone. You may have been punished as a child for speaking up.  As an adult you find it difficult to stand up for yourself, to speak your mind and then feel unheard.

Our Minds Are All Conditioned In Some Way!

As a child I was expected to behave in a controlled quiet way, but my personality doesn’t like being tied down. I remember as a 7 year old having a ‘tantrum’ at a teacher who I adored. Don’t ask me what it was about, but because I felt it was bad in some way I carried the shame and embarrassment of that incident for 50 years until I met that teacher again and felt I had to apologise. She had no recollection of that time, thought if I had done that, she would have just thought a normal little 7 year old having a rant, and said she really enjoyed having me in her class.  That was not the only time in my life that some energy bubbled to the surface, and I’m still reminded of that even now by my parents in their 90s, if I show even passionate energy. I have been conditioned by their beliefs, but have learnt skills to resist the temptation to react. Does that mean I’m perfect? Nooo!

“I help people who have a habit of emotional outbursts, to find peaceful solutions, without feeling judged or labelled.”

My Mission Statement is:

To help as many people as I can during my lifetime, in a way that significantly improves their lives.  To this end I use my skills with acupuncture, coaching, seminars and workshops to present life’s possibilities & expand awareness wherever I am needed.