Do You Listen to the Negative Naysayers?

“Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”   Les Brown

For those of you who haven’t seen or heard of Les Brown, I invite you to look him up on you tube. He is a very powerful motivational speaker who was brought up by a woman who took children in to care for them. She worked in homes of the rich to get enough food on the table and clothes for these children to wear. Some of the homes gave her left over food and clothes knowing what she was doing. Les had to go out of his normal classroom regularly for special/extra tuition. One day he had a locum teacher who wanted to know why he was leaving the classroom. Les said he was going to special work because he was ineducable. The teacher then said the words of this quote and continued to support this young coloured boy to reach his potential.

I had the pleasure of being at a training in the states where there were possibly 100 in the room and I was at a table in the front. As Les paced backwards and forwards in front of us explaining the techniques of speaking, he suddenly stopped at our table and thumped his hand down as he said, “On your deathbed, do you want your dreams and desires to come around and say, we came to you , for life and now we must die with you.”

This was an incredibly emotional moment for me – a moment of looking at the opportunities that I had and hadn’t taken on, throughout my life to that point. If you were asked that same question, what do you think your response would be? We can all remember things we have done we haven’t been proud of and at the same time feel we can celebrate other things. Life is about growing to the potential that each and every one of has. What are you doing to become the person you know is more like the potential you think is in there? Where are you turning away, when those opportunities pop up? Where are you getting in the way of your own potential? We are at a very pivotal moment in history. A time to reflect on what could we be doing to leave a legacy.

Enjoy reflecting on your life!

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