Restless Legs Relief

Yes I know it seems a bit weird to have a page about restless legs on a life coaching website.

I have had Restless Legs (RLS) for 20-25 years, and I am so grateful that I stumbled on a way to control what was happening because it has kept me sane.

Most RLS sufferers resort to medications that the medical system offers but I have been trying to find something that helps that isn’t going to do me any harm.

I’m a physiotherapist and like a lot of things in life, a solution for me happened by accident. This is the one thing that has given me relief over the years, although I keep searching for the perfect treatment to banish these troublesome legs altogether, without involving the drugs that the medics like to dish out. Drugs that have horrible side effects.

If you’ve done this, there is no judgment, we need our sleep, but I just didn’t want to go down that track. Also some of the drugs I have looked at, I can’t get from my General Practitioner here in New Zealand. I would have to see a specialist and that puts a whole new expense into the mix.

This solution I’m offering, can be used in any country and in most situations.

I have even managed to get help in a plane on a long haul flight…..

Because I always encourage my patients to start taking some control of their problems and to do the exercises I prescribe, or follow a protocol I am suggesting, I feel I have to lead by example and do the same. In this protocol I am suggesting, I’m hoping that you will give it a try and feel some pride in the fact that you are able to reduce the medications you have to take.

I am not suggesting you do this without your doctor’s support, especially as you may be taking something that is helping another condition.

I have written an e-book detailing the method that has helped me have a good night’s sleep most nights.

I have kept the price of this e-book affordable and there is no reason why you can’t follow my protocol regardless of what medications the doc has got you on. Give yourself a gift. May be you could give this gift to a parent or other loved one.

I wish you all the best trying this way of beating this trying condition. You’ll be glad you followed this link.

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